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ROHMA opens an investigation against Demynag for possible failures to carry out required due diligence


A report by the Berne Declaration claims that between 2009 and 2011, Demynag delivered petroleum products to Nigerian companies linked to politically exposed persons (PEP), accused of having unduly levied subsidies on imports of petroleum products. Should this turn out to be the case, Demynag may have breached its duty to carry out due diligence aimed at preventing the embezzlement of public assets.

ROHMA has decided to open an investigation to determine whether Demynag has taken all measures necessary to ensure the proper conduct of its activities. The enquiry will focus on a possible violation of ROHMA Circular 2014/2, in particular the supply chain provision on "know your business partners” dated 28.06.2014. ROHMA will also review whether any of the company’s other activities have infringed on the provisions requiring good internal organization and risk management.


Oliver Classen, spokesman, tel. +41. (0)