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International Sanctions (Embargoes)

In Switzerland, the legal basis for the enforcement and implementation of international sanctions against certain states is the Federal Act on the Implementation of International Sanctions (Embargo Act).

The Embargo Act is a framework law that governs generally applicable matters (purpose, scope of authority, duty of disclosure, supervision, data protection, administrative and legal assistance, legal protection, criminal provisions). Specific compulsory measures are enacted in separate ordinances based on this Act.

These ordinances on sanctions are enacted by the Federal Council and implemented by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The names of individuals, legal entities, groups and companies affected are given in the annexes to the relevant ordinance. These annexes are updated continuously. The News Service platform enables ROHMA to inform companies under supervision about any changes in trade sanctions. ROHMA provides further guidance as to the interpretation of published trade sanctions and is available to assist companies under its supervision with any sanction-related questions to ensure proper implementation.