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Promoting the Swiss market

Among the tasks delegated to it, ROHMA has the responsibility to promote the Swiss commodity centre to preserve Switzerland’s reputation and therefore to increase its competitiveness. The following elements are at the heart of ROHMA’s promotion strategy:

-    ROHMA promotes a Swiss commodity centre that is clean, transparent and that has integrity.
-    It requires Swiss legislation to play a pioneering role in the development of legislative instruments which can ensure that companies active in the commodity sector efficiently combat the resource curse and human rights abuses.
-    Together with the companies in its remit, ROHMA develops standards enabling it to constantly improve practices within the commodity sector.
-    ROHMA is committed to ensuring that these standards are embraced at the international level, in order to establish a global level playing field for the companies in this sector, as well as also improving Switzerland’s reputation and its commodity centre and increasing its competitiveness.
-    ROHMA assists victims of the resource curse to develop and implement strategies for its reduction.