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An investigation is opened into the trading of Ukrainian coal by Swiss traders


The Swiss Commodity Market Supervisory Authority (ROHMA) has opened an investigation against Swiss traders for potentially having neglected to carry out the required due diligence and for trading in Ukrainian coal fraudulently acquired by the trading companies Espresso Trading SA and Investmet International SA. Multiple breaches of the Commodities Act have been identified, including the failure to declare ownership links with a politically exposed person and the failure to obtain the necessary authorizations.

The ROHMA investigation represents an extension of the Ordinance of the Federal Council of 26 February 2014 instituting measures against certain individuals from Ukraine.

ROHMA recalls the due diligence owed by Swiss traders who carry out trade in commodities from countries whose political systems are notoriously corrupt. ROHMA also aims to restore order in the market, by requiring Swiss commodity traders to adopt the rules of good market conduct.

Oliver Classen, spokesman, tel. +41. (0)