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ROHMA expands its enforcement department


ROHMA announces an expansion in its technical capacities and personnel in its enforcement department in order to be able to respond to the increasing number of reports concerning potential breaches of the Commodities Act (CA) by certain companies active in the commodity sector.

Since its creation, ROHMA has received a great deal of information from whistle-blowers and other sources concerning potential breaches of the regulations by certain companies in the commodity sector.

In order to meet the increasing technical and personnel requirements in the enforcement department, ROHMA has created 15 additional full time positions under the direction of Dr Olivier Longchamp. ROHMA has also received the sign-off to acquire a new information technology system, developed by experts in economic crime.

Equipped with these new capabilities, ROHMA’s enforcement department will have the means to regulate the commodities sector in Switzerland more effectively.

Oliver Classen, spokesman, tel. +41. (0)